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Used Tires

"Capital Tire Center offers quality assured used tires for 13" to 22" passenger tires or 14" to 19.5" truck"

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"As a full-service auto shop, Capital proudly offers brake, suspension and other mechanical services"

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New Tires

"In addition to being the leading provider of used tires, Capital has an extensive inventory of new tires"

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Used Tires Las Vegas NV

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Capital Tire Center has been associated with auto repair and service with unmatched passion and integrity ever since it came into being. Vehicles in need of urgent care and attention find the most skilled doctors for their ailments who tend and mend them with unmatched flair. An enterprise filled with enthusiasm for all things on wheels, Capital Tire Centre is no short of a one-stop junction for unique solutions of every kind for your adored vehicle.

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What We Do

  • Quality new & used tires at affordable prices
  • Will sell tires individually or complete sets
  • Alignment & Brake Services
  • Front & Rear Suspension Services
  • Mount & Balance Tires
  • Towing Services
  • Oil Changes & Tire Rotation
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