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Rim Repair Las Vegas NV

Rim Repair Las Vegas NV If you took a corner a little too close, you may well have bent the rim of your wheel. A bent rim can cause all sorts of trouble, including faulty steering or a blown tire. If you ever require reliable rim repair in Las Vegas NV, bring your vehicle to Capital Tire Center.

If your car or truck hits a deep pothole in the road, your vehicle may suffer steering system or wheel misalignment, a tire puncture or a bent rim. If your vehicle experiences a sudden jolt from a run-in with a pothole, timely inspection is definitely required. You might be amazed at the number of automotive problems that can arise after running through a pothole. A tire puncture isn't even the worst of it. A sudden encounter with a  can cause premature wear on shocks and struts. It can cause damage to suspension components. It can damage the exhaust system, too. All things considered, deep potholes are a must to avoid. If you do happen to run through one, bring your ride to Capital Tire Center for inspection and, if you need it, timely rim repair.

While we're inspecting your rims or doing your rim repair here at our shop in Las Vegas NV, we'll also give your tires a good once-over and examination. We are proud to be an authorized seller of world class Cooper Tires. We've always got a nice selection of very affordable used tires, too. We can put rubber on all four wheels and put a reliable spare in the trunk, all for a fair and reasonable price. Has your steering wheel shaking when you drive? Does your vehicle pull to one side when you're trying to steer straight ahead? Sounds like your car or truck is ready for professional wheel alignment. Call to arrange a good time to bring your vehicle to Capital Tire. Rim Repair Las Vegas NV
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