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Wheel Alignment Pico Rivera CA

Wheel Alignment Pico Rivera CA Have you been noticing your steering wheel shaking a bit when you drive? Does your vehicle seem to pull to one side, when you're trying to steer straight ahead? Sounds like your car or truck is ready for professional wheel alignment Pico Rivera CA. Call to arrange a good time to bring your vehicle to Capital Tire.

Do you know that your tires can give the earlest indication that something is wrong with your car? It's true. The trick is in knowing how to interpret the signals. Of course, you can't read the signals if you rarely inspect your tires. Bring your car, truck, bus or van to Capital Tire Center for a no charge inspection. If your tires need air, we can add that easily. If you require balancing and/or whell alignment, we can do that for you, as well. Tires lose up to one PSI per month, so it's important to check the inflation regularly. Fuel economy drops when tire pressure drops.

What gets checked out during a tire inspection? Cracks and bulges. Large cracks in the sidewall are most often impact-related or caused by chronic underinflation. If the inside and outside edges of your tires are worn down and the middle is not, it probably indicates chronic underinflation. If there are a lot of small cracks in the sidewall, it could be due to exposure to the elements and tire age. Failed shock absorbers can cause scalloping, or 'cupping' of the tire, which is evidenced by a pattern of alternating hills and valleys in the rubber itself. Exercise caution when shopping for used tires for sale. Not every seller of previously used automotive rubber is as honest and conscientious as we are here at Capital Tire Center. Please call 562.948.1855 to schedule your inspection and wheel alignment Pico Rivera CA. Wheel Alignment Pico Rivera CA
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